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CMB Has Outstanding Support. PERIOD.

Here at Complete Medical Billing we pride ourselves on our customer service. We think we are pretty amazing at our training and support! But we realize you can’t take our word for it so please look through our Medisoft reviews, Lytec reviews, and Practice Partner reviews below.“Thank you very much for great support and explanation!!!!!!! Natasha was great, professional, calm, and knowledgeable. Even though I was stressed she managed to walk me through all all my claims- which I sent on my own- were accepted (to my big suprise:) Again, thanks a lot. Natasha was great.”

-Maya, Adminimed 6/16/11

“Thank you Ms Poyer for your promt response to this issue. It is support like this that makes you the go-to company and one I am happy to recommend to anyone with questions about EMR and/or Network support. THANKS for making us feel special!”

-Jeff, Robert J. Bloomberg, MD

“Loree was fantastic yesterday. I learned so much in 2 hours!!”

-Dr. Kendra Cole 6/9/11

“Brian is very professional and knowledgeable regarding Medisoft and Clinical EMR.”

-Jyothi, Danville Pain Management 6/8/11

“Just wanted to say that Deirdre Poyer was amazing. She’s an awesome technician. She tried everything and spent hours with us, above and beyond her own schedule. Can’t say thank you enough to her. She’s a sweetheart. And a big thank you to Danielle too. You fixed our problem! You are the best! Awesome detective work!”

-Melissa, Advanced Medical Billing 5/13/11

“We look forward to working with you. Our staff reviewed medisoft offers from over 12 different companies, your group stood out as offering the best fit for our practice.”

-John M. Koller, MD 4/29/11


“This time I received Dierdra as a rep and she is always very patient and helpful when I call. She always takes the time to listen and answer all my questions. She always displays a cheerful and positive attitude.”

-Christina, S.D.C.G.O. 4/26/11



-J.S. 4/6/11


“Russ is the only tech I’ve used, by my request. He ALWAYS does an outstanding job for me!! He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable on all Medisoft. I dont feel “stupid” working with Russ. I will continue to use him for any problems that I have. Thanks. ”

-Bob Lafferty 4/4/11


“Just dropping you a note to tell you what you probably all ready know. BYRON ADAMS is Phenomenal!

For some reason we lost all information on our server drive. Fortunately Keven had urged us and set up for us a backup system. Well last night we needed that system. Byron spend most of last night reinstalling our drive from the backup. This morning all is right with the world. We are up and running. Thank you”


-Jeff Sorauf 3/11/11


“My technician responded very quickly to my inquiry & provided detailed & accurate resolution suggestions. I was thrilled that it worked the first time!! Thank you! ”

-Lisa, Sweet Peas Inc 3/8/11


“I was exceptionally satisfied with the help Tony Kelly gave me. He saved me hours and hours of work trying to do what he did in a few minutes. I did expect to be able to use the new version of Medisoft at least as well as I had used the older one, so it was totally unexpected when I could not use the print feature in the claim menu. It would have been very dissapointing if we had purchased the new program and then had to spend hours before we could fully use it, since I had been told that getting up and running was included in the cost. So instead of dissapointed I was pleased.”

-Linda 3/1/11



-Joel Klein, DC 11/4/10


“Amberly was wonderful and very helpful to me I really appreciated it she was very patience and made me feel good that I was submitting claims correctly. So I wish to thank her again and let her supervisor know how great she was with me a person who is not good with change. Thanks again.”

-Glenda- Joseph Cohen, D.D.S., P.C. 9/30/10


“You’ve been great! You are so clear. I was able to follow everything you said. A+ service. You should go teach a class. I think you are really good!!”

-Aileen A. Lee 8/27/10


“I’ve worked with Danielle on several different call tickets since starting a contract with you about a month ago and she is a wonderful tech. Thanks for all you do! ”

-Theresa, Arch Medical Center 8/6/10


“My name is George Simon. I am a network consultant in AZ. I used to be a medisoft reseller some years back. I no longer sell medisoft I still support my old medisoft customers and recently I was approached by a customer to recommend a medisoft reseller and I chose your company because of what I had heard about you in my medisoft training. Anyways I bought it from Shaun and installed it for the customer but had run into some difficulties and required the help of your tech support. I have to commend Russ on his professionalism and quick response to my customers needs. Customer service is the key to any successful business and Russ did a wonderful job in making my life easier and leaving me with a happy customer.

Thank You both and I will be forwarding more of my customers to you.”

-George Simon 7/23/10


“I wanted to comment to you on the performance of Shelly at reception. She is amazing ! we had issue with our server. It was up and down for several hours which means several hours of lost productivity. Shelly called several Techs to find one that could free himself to come over and check out our server. Shelly would call me and keep me informed of her progress and never left me hanging as to what was going on. When Loren arrived he quickly and efficiently diagnosed the problem, bad memory stick. We were up and back to work. Thank you for having such great staff to serve us. ”

-Jeff Sorauf 7/9/10


“The support person’s name was Amberly. She was great. Knowledgeble and non-rushing. It was a pleasant experience to deal with her. She answered all our questions patiently. Congratulations in having such an examplary employee. ”

-Sahag A. Arslanian, M.D. 6/25/10


“It was a nice encounter, enjoyable experience in remote learning!”

-Alamo Medical Clinic 6/23/10


“I was very pleased with Danielle on how she fixed the report that I needed to be able to print claims. It was nice to be able to let her just fix the problems. She definitely needs a raise. With the other company we had previously used I was on my own pretty much on fixing problems. Very satisfied on how this issue was handled.”

-MagLab 6/22/10


“You have the best service techs we’ve EVER had. Given the fact we know next to nothing about computers, they are always helpful,knowledgable, efficient, and organized and keep us informed every step of the way as to what they are doing, the time it will take to fix the problem,etc. It’s always a pleasure to work with them. Great Job….”

-Carol @ Dr. Nedra Harrison’s Office 6/10/10


“Dierdra is always very patient and has a very positive attitude! Yes, please share these comments with others :)”

-Joy Hamilton, M.D. 6/8/10


“The training went AMAZING, I learned so much, it really helps to have someone who knows more than I do about the software.”

-Andee 5/28/10


“I am sending this e-mail to express our gratitude for the utmost professional assistance we have recently received from one of your support specialist, Ms. Danielle Frankini.

Ms. Frankini has tremendously helped us in installing our newly purchased software, Medisoft Accounting v. 16 and Office Hours; she did not mind our layman comments and patiently answered all our questions and needs. Once again, our greatest thanks for her assistance.”

-Margaret Zawadzka 5/19/10


“Danielle was extremelly helpful and she did not mind any trivial questions we maight have asked her. She accomodated our practice schedule and offered all her assistance in a very professional and courteous manner. Thank you so much!!!”

-Witold Zajewski, M.D. PC 5/15/10


“This was a major concern for us, because we couldn’t use Office Hours or MediSoft yesterday, but the problem was handled quickly and professionally by all involved. Deadra helped out a ton yesterday, and today we were helped by Shelly on a Registration issue, and by Debbie on “finding” the data file. All the issues were resolved phenomenally!!”

-Lisa from Adreasen Chiropractic 5/14/10


“Jerry is so smart, he is a true gem I’d hire him myself. Erika was really good and very patient. Byron was AWESOME!”

-Mark Holt, MD 5/13/10


“Your installation personnel are outstanding. Jerry has done a fabulous job for us.”

-Dr. Hyams 5/12/10


“That’s why I refer all my Medisoft clients to you guys. Cause your Awesome!”

-Tri-Digital Computer Services 4/21/10


“The EMR event was really good and informative, but you guys don’t do a very good job promoting just how good you guys are at support. You guys need to promote yourselves more and the services you give. Your support team is awesome and we couldn’t do it without your support.”

-Dr. Bloomberg 3/5/10


“I want to personally thank everyone for trying to bring me through my problems with this medisoft installation and registration. I have never had the confidence in the windows product of medisoft as I did with the DOS version and because of this the tech support is an important part of the equation. ”

-Joel Kelin, DC 2/3/10


“Appreciate the prompt response from “RKriloff” given that I called late Friday afternoon with a significant issue. Great to know you guys are out there for us!”

-RJB 1/25/10


“I felt she went above and beyond to make sure we had corrected the issue.”

-The Center For Total Back Care 1/21/10


“Keven Cluff is the best, that is all I can say!”

-Dee Holmes 1/4/10


“You guys were terrific and made this process much easier than I anticipated. Especially for us technologifcally-challenged, these things can be daunting but I really appreciated their patience and knowledge. Many thanks.”

-Barbara Tarkin 12/21/09


“Every person I have ever talked to at your company has been competent, nice and easy to work with. I have recommended your services to many offices.”

-Annette 12/4/09




-Joy Carter 12/2/09


“I had the pleasure of Shelly & Amberly assisting with our training and installation. These are excellent people skilled technicians. I realize that often our questions are like DUH!! Appreciate the patience!! Thanks”

-Eva 11/16/09


“Always impressed with the ability of the staff to solve our problems quickly and efficiently.”

-Robert J Bloomberg 11/5/09


“I’ve worked with Russ in the past on various issues, and he is always helpful, and very knowledgeable. He is the one I request when I have any kind of issue with Medisoft. Thank you Russ! ”

-Bob Lafferty 10/20/09


“The gentelman who assisted me with my Medisoft issues was extremely helpful. He was able to troubleshoot and find what was wrong with the system.”

-Dinora Prescott 10/13/09


“Danielle was very nice. She didn’t get frustrated with my questions. Seems like she’s a keeper!”

-Patty Feldman 10/7/09


“Shelly is amazing! she does your office justice. She doesn’t allow customers to frazzle her. Her tone is very soothing and really calmed me down.”

-Rene Bazzar 9/29/09


“You are lifesavers and helped us out more than you know!”

-Jackie Kravitz 9/23/09


“We just ordered a cisco pix 501 firewall so that our machines (server and clients) can communicate over the network securely. Hopefully when we receive the unit, we can move forward with the installation of hardware and software without a hitch. If we do have problems, we will contact your support team. It is comforting to know that a vendor would contact the client after the sale of a product to ensure that their experience is satisfactory. This support assures that we will look to you for all future purchases. Thank you for your help Shaun. ”

-Mohammad Khayat 8/4/09


“I am writing in regards to two of your employees that have helped me over the last week. I work for the Haymount Institute for Psychological Testing and was able to work with Ms. Danielle Frankini and Mr. Kali Kwashie. I was extremely pleased with their services. They were very accommodating and polite, while being knowledgeable regarding the Medisoft system.

I thank you and them for your excellent service.”

-Ms. Cheryl Boeckenstedt 7/30/09


“Our eRX is up and running. The Scripps sent yesterday arrived at the pharmacy and were filled. Thanks to Kali for his follow up with Medinotes on the issues with starting the eRX program. He was able to figure the issues and knew how issues needed to be fixed. Kali could have just said problem was with medinotes you need to call them. Kali pushed forward contacting medinotes several times to correct the issues. He then took time to show me how to implement system. This has been a long road to implementing RX. Thank You for your excellent support, or as the web site says PHENOMENAL SUPPORT.


A special thank you to Shelly who now knows my voice and has a cheerful “good morning Jeff” when I call.”

-Jeff 7/28/09


“The immediate service is exactly what I feel I pay for with Platinum support. I never have to wait for a return call or am sent to a voicemail. You have made your technical support well worth the rate. I am glad I could finally afford you!”

-Gay Smith 7/16/09


“I consistently get great support from Amberly. So much so, that I ask for her by name now.”

-Matt 5/15/09


“It is with great satisfaction that I take a moment to drop a note to your company regarding one of your technical support staff members, Russ Kriloff.

Each and every time we have encountered a problem with Medisoft we have had the pleasure of working with Russ. This young man enjoys a pleasant personality, ability to deal in a positive manner with people in crisis (over technical difficulties), and he has an unwavering calm-soothing manner to resolve issues from start to finish. Too often people only take the time to communicate when they encounter a problem or negative service. Let this be the exception! Russ is a professional, capable, fabulous technician and a wonderful find as an employee.”

-Isaida R Sanchez 4/28/09


“I had to call many times to your support team and every time I was taken care of to my expectation. I really thank everyone in your group especially Russell. Thanks for Everything.”

-Dori 4/23/09


“Russ has been very helpful as is everyone at CMB everyone is very helpful & positive & patient with me. Thanks.”

-Vivian 4/23/09


“I wanted to thank you for the excellent support we received this week from your company. The other day our biller installed Internet Explorer 8 on our billing computer and it crashed Windows. We were unable to fix the problem ourselves so we called you. Originally we scheduled the appointment in the afternoon but when the doctors found out they wanted the problem resolved immediately. I called Mario back and asked if he could do it any sooner and he was willing to come to our office in Surprise at 6:30am. The billing computer is back up and running. We really appreciate the quality of service and response time for this situation.

Thanks again for the excellent service!”

-Maryanne 4/16/09


“Thank you for the super conference in Gilbert on Thursday, April 2!

Wonderful venue, friendly staff, and great turnout!! ”

-Marcie 4/6/09


“Deb is outstanding. We just had a problem hat she had not had before. Together we solved this problem. This lady is wonderful to work with on ALL issues. ”

-Robert Rubenzik 3/18/09


“I just wanted to thank you for your time and professionalism. I must admit that when we, as customers choose a vendor there is lot of skepticism due to the fact that we hear so many different experiences that each office has gone through with so many software vendors/resellers. Shaun, you have done everything you have promised and I sincerely appreciate everything you have done so far.

I was given your reference by one of my providers and I am glad I went with you. I do not have Russ’s email but please convey my thanks to him as well.

Again, thanks a bunch for your help. I know where to go for V15 now!!!!”

-Padma Panse 2/26/09


“THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We just watched your youtube video at our office meeting and it was such a needed laugh!! You guys are very unique never lose that edge. Coming from someone that values your company and all your knowledge it is great to see that you guys also know how to have a good time and keep it real. Thanks again- for once my stomach hurts for all the right reasons.”

-Rene’  Family First Physcians 12/11/07

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