Medisoft Clinical EMR

Medisoft Clinical EMR

Medisoft Clinical was created with the complexities of today’s healthcare system in mind.  It bridges the gap between administrative and clinical functions with a comprehensive Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution with a friendly user interface.

Medisoft Clinical Practice Management (PM) helps you:

  • Intuitively schedule patients
  • Easily access eligibility information
  • Submit electronic claims and remittance processing
  • Streamline your overall collection process with electronic statements
  • Transmit patient statements electronically to be printed and mailed

Medisoft Clinical Electronic Medical Record (EMR) helps you:

  • Export patient data from Medisoft to an EMR –no re-keying necessary.
  • Simplify patient check in.
  • Chart directly into your EMR which automatic flows into Medisoft creating instant billing and eliminates the hours of time reserved for manual entry.

Register for our free weekly EMR webinar to see a live demo of Medisoft Clinical EMR.

Medisoft Clinical offers all of the tools you need to streamline complex financial and billing tasks while simplifying clinical tasks.  Medisoft Clinical interfaces with Medisoft so you can easily upgrade to an EMR solution. Additionally, Medisoft Clinical is available at an affordable price.

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