EMR Systems & Solutions

EMR Systems & Solutions

Medisoft Clinical, Lytec MD, Practice Partner, McKesson Practice Choice

With so many options how do you choose the best EMR software/manufacturer?

After years of experience selling¬†& supporting a line-up of top EMRs, we decided to only sell McKesson’s EMR Solutions. We selected McKesson’s EMR Products because of the ease of use, the price, the comprehensive nature of the programs, the vision and continual development of the software, and the staying power as the manufacturer. With McKesson we are able to deliver the best of both worlds; our award winning support and implementation with McKesson’s industry leading software.

Learn more about McKesson EMR Solutions we offer:

It matters which EMR you choose & where you buy it from.

Most reputable EMR systems provide some basic universal ways to improve practice efficiency and support high-quality patient care. Not only should you look at the less common features the EMR offers, you should most definitely look closely at the software manufacturer, and even more closely at the company you choose to install and implement the software. 

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