Practice Partner EMR

Practice Partner

Practice Partner is a comprehensive Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.  Practice Partner was developed to include all of the functions of a state of the art office, yet it offers a user-friendly interface for those challenged by technology.

Practice Partner includes:

  • Patient Records:  Practice Partner offers one of the nation’s leading electronic medical record (EMR) systems through Patient Records.  Patient Records provides the tools you need to improve both office and clinical efficiency, while helping to improve quality of care. Patient Records allows practices to replace their paper charts, with comprehensive features for medical doctors of all specialties. Practice Partner Patient Records eliminates waste and ultimately increases your ability to focus on what is most important:  patient care.
  • Appointment Scheduler: Practice Partner’s Appointment Scheduler a powerful solution to paper-based scheduling systems.   Appointment Scheduler may be tailored to fit your needs with the “intelligent search” function, finding and scheduling single or multiple appointments can be done with the click of a button. Practice Partner Appointment Scheduler is ideal for both small and large practices.
  • Medical Billing:  Practice Partner Medical Billing system manages even the most complex billing processes. Its design allows staff to customize the system to meet their needs and preferences, and saves time by making data entry fast and easy.  Your staff has the ability to post charges, payments, and adjustments from one central screen.  Practice Partner Medical Billing helps to boost office productivity and efficiency.

Each application in the Practice Partner suite has been designed to work together making it easier for physicians, billing, schedulers, and office administrators to do their jobs.  Practice Partner can serve as an all-in-one solution or you can buy Practice Partner and use it with your existing billing and scheduling solution.

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