Lytec MD

Lytec MD

Lytec MD is a complete Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solution. Lytec MD will transform your office to a fully automated electronic environment.  All of the great new features of Lytec 2009 will be included such as improved financial performance and quality of care for practices of all sizes. Lytec MD includes:

  • Practice Management (PM): Lytec offers the #1 Windows-based medical billing, scheduling and reporting software. You will receive enhanced and customizable features enabling easier access to information and the ability to create reports that meet user needs. Lytec EHR medical software provides appointment scheduling, patient and insurance billing, Accounts receivables, electronic claims, ERA and eligibility, and reporting and collections.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Lytec MD allows practices to replace their paper charts.  With this product you can automatically populate all the aspects of the chart with relevant information contained in the progress note—regardless of whether you enter your notes by dictation, keyboard, pen-based system or voice recognition.  In addition, Lytec EMR has prescription writer, health maintenance, laboratory data, and messaging features. With this comes the ability to customize fields and open multiple charts at once.

Lytec MD enables you to see more patients, spend more time with your patients, and increase your cash collections and revenue while helping the office operate more effectively.

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