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Electronic medical Claims Processing

Electronic Claims Processing is your one solution for all your health insurance claims. Sends all claims to one location with one telephone call saving you time and money. Checks claims for missing information, valid procedure and diagnosis codes, and payer-specific edits improving claims acceptance. Forwards accepted claims to the payer and sends a report to the provider on the status of submitted and rejected claims

Retail: $599.00
Our Price: Free. Call for Details

Direct Claims  Modules

Direct Modules allow you to send your claims electronically direct to the payer. These electronic claims are received and processed faster than paper claims – which means faster payments.

Direct Modules are very simple to use. In Medisoft, instead of selecting the option to print your claims, select the option to transmit electronic claims. The entire process is automated.

  • Direct Modules save you time by eliminating the need to print, sort by payer, and mail your claims
  • Direct Module save you money by eliminating the costs of forms, envelopes, and reducing the cost of labor associated with paper claims
  • Direct Modules direct dial to the payer – no Internet connection is needed

Retail: $599.00 to $1999.00
Our Price: Varies by Carrier


Electronic Prescription Processing

Prescription Processing is a complete electronic prescription writing solution that uses a web-enabled hand-held wireless device or desktop computer to send prescriptions and refills directly to a pharmacy. Prescription Processing uses the OnCallData system, a full-featured, state-of-the art electronic prescription writer.

Retail: $149.00
Our Price: Free. Call for Details.


Electronic Statement Processing

Eliminate the time consuming task of preparing patient statements – send your statements electronically with Statement Processing.

  • Sends an electronic file of your statements to a processing center where your statements will be printed and mailed. Your patients will receive professional, laser printed statements, complete with individual or global messages, encouraging quick payment and improving your cash flow.
  • Reduces the labor and supply costs associated with paper statements. There is no need to stock up on forms and envelopes, there is no need to stock up on printer cartridges.
  • Uses postal software that corrects and presorts addresses, ensuring your statements are properly addressed and bar coded.
  • Preparing patient statements is time consuming and often ends up being postponed. This delays payment and diminishes your cash flow. With Statement Processing, the work is done for you, making it easy to send statements on a regular basis.

Retail: $499.00
Our Price: Free Setup. Call for details!!

Encoder Pro

Professional enables users to search simultaneously across ICD-9, CPT Codes, and HCPS Codes to deliver integrated search results, code detail, or lay descriptions—All in a single keystroke and without costly code books.

  • Search all three code sets simultaneously
  • Saves time while selecting codes accurately
  • Enhances Code selection, speeds manual review and reduces billing turnaround time
  • Code logic search Window
  • Surgical Cross codes
  • Notepad, bookmarks, and sticky notes

Retail: $559
Our Price: $554

Codes On DisK

Using Codes On Disk is the simplest way to manage the procedure and diagnosis codes essential to your practice. It saves time in setting up new codes and makes editing codes easy.

Quickly set up procedure & diagnosis codes!

Rather than manually entering codes, Codes on Disk automatically downloads them into your Medisoft system, saving you hours of work.

  • Create CPT and ICD-9 code files instantly
  • Customize each code with your standard cost, standard charge, and type of service
  • Include the codes you need, exclude the codes you don’t

Retail: $339.00
Our Price: $334


Patient appointment scheduling

Office Hours Professional

Office Hours Professional offers the best value in patient appointment scheduling solutions because of its computerized speed, flexibility, and efficiency. Schedule appointments with ease. Office Hours Professional simple screen layout makes it easy to learn and use.

  • Quickly make, copy, or change appointments
  • Track treatment room schedules
  • Instantaneously search all providers for next available time slot
  • Add patients to an appointment wait list>
  • Plus so much more.

Available in Single User and Network Versions

Retail: $399.00 to 539.00
Our Price: $494.00 to 699.00


lab connect

Lab connect distributes important patient insurance and demographic data from a physician’s Medisoft practice management system to a standalone reference laboratory lab order entry system in the medical office. It’s designed to automatically provide convenient and complete information to the lab test ordering system.

  • Increase lab test volumes in each Medical office
  • Delivers lower operation cost
  • Improves physician satisfaction
  • Saves time
  • Ensures Data Consistency

Retail: $TBD
Our Price: Please call for today’s price.


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