Medisoft Training Videos

Free Online Videos- Medisoft Training

Medisoft v17 New Feature Training

v17 training is 45 minutes broken up into 3 parts. This free event was held February 2011 in Gilbert, AZ. Tony Peterson, Medisoft Product Manager, presents the changes in the newest release.

  • ANSI 5010 Changes
  • Electronic Patient Statement integration

Version 16 New Feature Training

This event is broken up into severn parts. The entire training is 36 minutes. v16 includes the following:

  • ANSI Lift
  • Reports
  • Revenue Management & ERA
  • Medisoft Clinical EHR
  • Various Other Features

Free Medisoft Training Videos: New Features in version 15

Medisoft v15 was released in 2009. This free training event is 25 minutes long and is broken into 3 parts. The new features include:

  • Missed Co-Pays
  • Sorting Options
  • Statement Remainder Balance
  • Small Balance Write-Off
  • Default Printers
  • Payments Applied
  • Rejection Codes on Statements
  • Transaction Entry Sorting
  • Drop Down Case Number
  • Sort Claim Management
  • Add Note in Quick Ledger
  • Collection List / Quick Ledger
  • F4- Chart # Key
  • File Maintenance
  • Medisoft Clinical EMR
  • Future appointment warning
  • Print Blank Appointments
  • Cell Phone Field
  • Print Blank Superbills

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