Managed Care Reports

Medisoft Reports

Managed Care Reports

Take the guesswork out of managed care plan analysis.
These reports give a physician or office manager the hard facts they need for important business decisions: Should the practice remain contracted in a managed care plan? Should the practice join a new plan?

Decision makers use these Medisoft Reports to know when to accept new patients, renegotiate a contract or adjust fees. Reports and graphs  provide the analytical information needed for good business decisions.

Managed Care Reports Included:

Insurance Pay Analysis

Compares procedure charges, allowed amounts, payments and average days to pay. Major grouping by procedure, summary totals for each insurance carrier or plan. Use this report to analyze payment performance for a plan by comparing it to other plans.View a report sample


Procedure Payment Analysis By Carrier

Analyzes all procedures billed to an insurance carrier or plan. Reports capitated and fee for service charges, payments and adjustments by carrier. This report gives an overview of a plan’s overall financial performance.View a report sample


Patient Census By Carrier

Reports on the patient count impact of a plan. Major data grouping by insurance plan, detail listing of each patient member of the plan. Use this report to see the effect of discontinuing participation in an insurance planView a report sample


Patient Census By Carrier, Provider

Adds provider subgroupings to the Patient Census By Carrier report.View a report sample


Insurance Plan Profitability Analysis

Presents detailed information by carrier with billed procedures, payments, adjustments, patient payments and net profit based upon standard cost. Both fee for service and capitated plans are supported.View a report sample


New Patients By Carrier Chart

Reports on plan membership of newly acquired patients. Use this report to see the source of a new practice’s growth or changes in the trend of plan membership in a patient population.View a report sample


Charges By Insurance Type Chart

Analyzes the distribution of a practice’s fee for service charges by insurance carrier type.View a report sample


New Patients By Month Chart

This chart analyzes new patient count by month. Revenue changes can now be tied to patient population growth.View a report sample


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